ILIFE V8s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Lenora W.

The product is excellent and perfectly compatible with the description Young people who can help me how to appreciate the broom coupling mobile to be thankful and estimated to communicate on my mobile 0566659464

Toni H.

Miracle vacuum cleaner!! I ordered it for my fear, but then i read that the carpet does not go well. But no, on the carpet with the average pile goes well, at first could not climb-clung to the cheeks-and then began to climb backwards and went to clean)) in general a miracle!) about the laminate is so clear that all the hood. The first time i searched for the base for a long time, and the second time i already found it calmly)

Damian H.

The vacuum cleaner came quickly. About a week before st. petersburg. We bought for 13700, which is 3 k less price from us. Also pleases the availability of service in our city. A large container is really good, there is no need to shake it often. Although he does not build cards, but for his money copes. Base is looking for well. But only if it is not tolerated, then he will look for it longer. The function of cleaning the floors is satisfied. You can specify three modes of intensity of moisturizing the rag. For us it is important, as there are tiles and parquet. The instructions recommend to give it to the base on a meter of space on the sides, but we do not have such an opportunity. Thanks to the gyro, it finds well and becomes on the base even if it is in a rather narrow place. They let him into the kitchen, wow, how dusty he got out, but the dust dialed a lot and scolded all the spiders. Really well climbs to the height. In the bathroom the threshold is 17-20mm and it is not immediately, but it climbs and descends then back. In the children's threshold is already 25mm. He gets there, but he can't go down.

Myron G.

Beautiful and high-quality vacuum cleaner. Corresponds to the description, removes qualitatively, only there are no instructions (

Elsa V.

The vacuum cleaner is very cool! Alas, the seller does not communicate properly and does not solve some customs situations. Packed perfectly! The only negative-does not vacuum the fluffy carpet. Photos are taken after cleaning) and he still found dirt. The sink has not yet been used.